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Cabbages and Condoms

There is a very unique hotel and restaurant in Thailand where the theme is “safe sex.” The whole restaurant is made out of condoms! There are manikins wearing condom outfits, flowers on the table whose petals are condoms, posters of condoms, decorations in the trees made up of condoms, and baskets of free condoms by the register. Most restaurants give mints or candy when you get the check, but this place gives you a different type of “life-saver!”.

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Jomptien Burgers

  City, Country: Pattaya [Jomptien], Thailand . . Pattaya is most likely not your first choice of where to go in Thailand… However, if you happen to make your way there and you’re craving a burger, I found the place for you! . Just outside of Pattaya there’s a small area called Jomptien.  In this area there is a great

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