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World Cup Luck

I didn’t plan on being in Europe during the World Cup. I just booked a ticket and it just so happened that it worked out that way. I turned out to be pretty lucky when it came to being in the right place at the right time for the 2010 World Cup games! Read about my experiences in Denmark, Germany, and The Netherlands!

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Copenhagen to Hamburg

 via train [Copenhagen, Denmark to Hamburg, Germany] Price: One-way ticket from Copenhagen to Hamburg: ~$50 At Copenhagen train station, I asked about the Eurail Pass.  I knew it was a lot of money from when I researched it in the States but figured I’d ask just in case there were any special deals buying it face-to-face in Europe… There

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is an amazing city. It’s expensive compared to a lot of other places to travel to, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Check out my favorite places around the city including unique areas and beaches. I also loved how “green” Scandinavia is and how the sun seems to always be up in the summer time.

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